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There are various brands of HGH supplements out there, which consumers wanted us to try out.  Sometimes they all work effectively, it is just a matter of finding a brand that you are happy with and delivers the results you are after.  I’ll be writing a review on this particular brand to see if it is one that works for me.

Sure as we get old we believe we get wiser, but can we say the same for our bodies and health?  I wanted to get behind these HGH products and did some research.  Of course, as we get older it is normal for our bodies to deteriorate somehow and there is an explanation for that.  The reason for this deterioration is that the HGH levels in our body isn’t producing as much as it used to during our younger years, so the purpose of these HGH supplements is to restore those levels and gain back anti-aging benefits that we have lost.  After finding all this out, I believed that this is just what I needed.  I definitely wanted to age right and I wanted to get back the same energy as I had when I was younger.

Placing an Order

After doing some research I went to the GenF20 Plus site and placed my order to try out this particular supplement.  Various packages were available that offered great savings for those who ordered several months supply, but since I was simply just trying it out, I ordered 2 months supply worth, which costed $89.90 that gave me savings of $10.  Delivery was pretty quick, in just 24 hours I received my boxes of tablets.  Each box came with 120 tablets that was good enough to last for an entire month.  Instructions were to take 2 tablets twice a day so that is a total of 4 tablets a day.

HGH Injections or Supplements?

I started taking the tablets as instructed but I didn’t expect to notice any results immediately.  Besides they claim that a difference will be noticed only after a couple of weeks of taking the tablets.  I heard about taking HGH injections before, not really sure about its effectiveness but to be honest it seems like a hassle to be doing that since regular visits to the doctor would be necessary.  If these HGH supplements work than this is a much better option as it is very convenient and less costly too.


To ensure that my review was accurate, I did a trial of this product for the whole two months supply that I had.  I must say that I actually do feel a lot better with taking these supplements and it’s probably because I have been sleeping much better.  I am able to do a lot more things with all the energy I have, my skin looks better, my hair is getting thicker, and I’ve actually lost a few pounds.  The best part is, my wife and I are having great sex again.  I feel like my youth is slowly coming back!


Sure everyone eventually gets old, but it doesn’t mean that we should let age get the better of us.  If you want to keep your youth by not only feeling young but looking young as well, then I definitely recommend this supplement.  In just two months I have seen a change in myself, more importantly, my wife has seen a great change that she too has started taking GenF20 Plus.  So if you have been hearing things about this product being a scam, don’t believe it.  This review is as honest as it can be, but if you are still unsure, go through other GenF20 Plus reviews as well.

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