How to Submit Your Review or Reaction

If you’ve gone through one of our reviews, and we’ve either saved you some money, or steered you to a great buy, we’d like to hear about it.  We’re happy to embed your youtube reaction video below some of our reviews.

If you have a review of your own, whether it be in article or video form, send it to us and we’ll consider it for addition to the site.  We prefer a thorough review, with lots of detail, so that people of all interests and concerns might get the most information possible about the product you’re reviewing, so please keep this in mind.  You don’t have to be scientific, but we sure love methodical here at Straight Goods.

Please keep in mind that we attract a lot of spam and therefore only post reviewed articles and video reactions in lieu of having open comments.  While this isn’t our preference, we really don’t have the resources on top of doing the reviews themselves to patrol and police the article commenting to weed out the garbage.

Thanks for dropping by.  We’d love for you to contribute your own review or reaction to the site, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.