Secrets to Dog Training Review – Disciplining Your Dog

Reviewed by: Jack (Staff Reviewer)            Rating:

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I love Hank, my golden retriever, but honestly he was just driving me nuts.  You know that saying, dogs are a man’s best friend?  Well I wasn’t feeling any love from this guy.  So when I came across the Secrets to Dog Training manual and had the opportunity to do a review on it, I grabbed the chance.  It was perfect for my situation and it would allow me to give honest insight on if this manual will really help change my dog’s awful behavior.

Hurricane Hank

Is it wrong to envy others who seem to have great relationships with their dogs?  Well I certainly envied many dog owners who would spend time in the park with their well-behaved pets.  My wife and I adopted Hank from a shelter a few months ago.  I suppose his behavior may be because he came from a shelter, but I wouldn’t want to say all pets adopted from there have behavior issues because that may not be the case.  From the day we brought Hank home he has chewed on a couple of pairs of my wife’s shoes and has been pooping and peeing on our carpets.  My wife called him Hurricane Hank because every time he goes nuts in a room it is like it was hit by a hurricane.  Hank became my wife’s worst nightmare.

Dog Training

Although my wife wanted to give Hank up, I thought that enrolling him in dog training school would do the trick.  Besides, the poor guy needs a home and we needed to give him a chance.  After weeks with a dog trainer and a dent in our bank account, there still wasn’t a change in Hank’s behavior.  My wife and I ended up having huge fights about letting Hank go, but I just wouldn’t budge.  I did some more research and discovered the Secrets to Dog Training.  It seemed to work for a lot of people experiencing the same dog behavior issues as I was so I decided to give it a shot.

Secrets to Dog Training

When I got a hold of this dog-training manual, I hoped that this was the solution I have been waiting for.  I discovered these amazing dog-training techniques that seemed to work slowly.  I started with the alpha dog lessons and got Hank to realize that I was the alpha man of the house.  In time I definitely saw some changes in his behavior.  He has learned to give us a sign when he has to go for a walk keeping our carpets clean and he has also begun to realize that shoes are not bones for chewing.


I continued using techniques that I learned from the manual for weeks.  My wife couldn’t believe the change in Hank, it’s like he is a completely new dog.  He is now more calm and well behaved.  I certainly am not embarrassed to take him out for walks any longer and we can even have a game of catch at the park.  Now I can say that Hank is my best friend.  If I were you, forget spending excessive amounts on money on dog trainers, you can do it all by yourself at practically no cost, just grab a copy of this amazing dog training guide.

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Rocket Spanish Review – Learn Spanish in Just 6 Days!

Reviewed by: Kate (Staff Reviewer) Rating:
There are a variety of reasons why one wants to learn a different language and regardless of the reason, learning the language is just one in the same.  Since I have always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish I jumped at the chance to do the Rocket Spanish review among all the other languages available.  Through me, we will discover if this interactive course is at all useful in teaching how to speak Spanish confidently and naturally as it claims.

Interactive Online Spanish Course

Learning a new language can be a challenge, which is why it is great if there is an easy way to learn it all with the least trouble.  Since Rocket Spanish promises to teach Spanish rapidly, effectively, and easily, I was definitely interested.  I wanted to see if indeed they could achieve their promise by making me a fluent Spanish speaker.  More importantly, I wanted to see if they could teach Spanish without being boring.  An interesting lesson will help me learn better and keep me interested.

Rocket Spanish

So as I got a hold of the Rocket Spanish Premium package, I had 32 interactive audio course tracks that was 25 minutes in length for every lesson totaling to 12 hours.  Basically, I could listen to this over and over until I am confident enough to speak the language.  As i went through the course, I discovered that the best part about having these audio tracks is that I could listen to it wherever I was, no matter what I was doing, which is exactly what I did to keep everything fresh in my mind.

Speaking Spanish

Aside from the audio tracks, the package had various other tools, which I think is great for the different learning styles of different people.  And the fact that I continued listening to the audio and was interested to learn meant that the program wasn’t boring at all.  After 5 months of using this program, I decided to test my skills by watching one of those Spanish Telenovelas.  I didn’t realize it until now, but Rocket Spanish really did improve my skills as I was able understand the gist of what was being said.  What really got me was I actually understood what was going on throughout the entire show.

I was pretty impressed at myself and my ability to understand and speak Spanish. Even if I’m not yet 100% fluent, I’m sure I will get there.  The Rocket Spanish program has really helped me and is definitely something I recommend for those who need to learn Spanish whether it be for their job, for traveling, or simply to communicate with other Spanish nationals.  I have learned that this program is not only effective but is perfect for those who have busy schedules but still want to learn the language.  You don’t have to take time to go to a class because even while you are in the car, or even while you are cooking in the kitchen, you will be able to listen to the audio lessons that will make you one step closer to being a Spanish speaker.

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How to Hack the Stock Market Review – Is This Report for Real?

Reviewed by: Jessica (Staff Reviewer)                 Rating:

Find out if the “How to Hack the Stock Market” report is for real or if it is just another one of those scams out there geared on extorting money from the many consumers trying to earn.  I will do thorough research to ensure that I will get you the truth on this product and find out if it really works in hacking the stock market.

How to Hack the Stock Market

Prior to making my purchase, I discovered that this report is 62 pages in length, which is a huge relief in comparison to other books that consist of hundred and hundreds of fluff pages on how to get rich.  So I made my purchase by downloading the report and began reading.  Being a short read, it only took me about 2 hours to completely go through the report making me on my way to trying out the stock market.  As I read, I was able to go through step-by-step instructions in how to make a profit in the stock market with the theory of a loophole that occurs every three weeks.

Buying Shares

So I studied the stock market and waited for that loophole to take place.  But before anything else, for the purpose of the review, I had to register myself for a trading account to get started.  With the use of the loophole method that I learned from the report, I chose 3 stocks to start with and invested a total of $3,000.  Of course I didn’t expect to earn money right away, but after several weeks of tracking my shares these stocks sky rocketed.  However I didn’t sell right away and as I waited longer, the worth of the stocks became even more. So the $3,000 I invested increased to $5,400 almost double of what I started with.  In just 4 weeks my initial investment grew by 80%. I discovered that this report is all about understanding a pattern in the stock market and once this pattern is clear, there won’t be any difficulty in making money with stocks.  I have to say I never played around with stocks before, but after reading this report, I feel like a pro and can earn a lot with this.

Is This Report for Real?

So to conclude this review, I must say that this report is as real as it gets.  There are no magic tricks to making money in stocks, it is all about understanding a pattern, which this report can easily teach you as it has taught me.  If you are one to play around with the stock market, then this is definitely a perfect addition to your investment.  However, even if the stock market is all new to you like it was for me, this is still something you can consider to earn extra money on the side, especially since it will help you play your cards right.

When investing in products like these that actually work, it really is worth it because whatever you spend on it is earned a hundred times fold.  Imagine for just $4.95, you can get access on this report and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process making the returns more than you would even think of earning.

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Power 4 Home

Reviewed by: Simon (Staff Reviewer) Rating:
Saving on electricity bills and saving on the environment is certainly something many are interested in today.  Find out with this review how you can achieve both of those in an instant.

The current state of our environment today is grabbing the attention of a lot of people in making an effort to use renewable energy resources.  One of the most common options nowadays in making your home environmentally friendly is with the use of solar power energy and wind energy.  Of course, if you were to purchase actual solar power systems, you will have to be ready to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars, which surely you wouldn’t want to do.

DIY Projects

I am the kind of person who isn’t very into doing DIY projects because projects like these depend a whole lot in my ability to achieve and accomplish the task provided. But for the sake of this Power 4 Home review, I made an exception and I went ahead and tried out the product to really see if this is something I could use or not.  So before starting, I downloaded the copy of the eBook and gained access immediately.  After making my order, I discovered that depending on where you live, you have an option to choose what you would want to learn about, either the solar power system or the wind power system.

Solar Power System

Where I live, it is always almost sunny so I when ahead and chose the solar power system.  Like I said before, this is a DIY project, which means my full attention, cooperation and skill is required.  It is all up to me now to figure out how to generate electricity effectively.  So I followed the guide, step-by-step and gave the product a try.  Building this was a process but I figured that in the long run it would actually be better for me.  I learned all about installing my own solar power system, which wasn’t hard to follow especially with the instructional video to help me out.

Power 4 Home

Once I completed constructing my own Power 4 Home solar power system in my home, I went ahead and tried it out to monitor the savings I can achieve with this new way of using electricity.  After the first month, I was quite happy to see that our electricity bill went down to $100.  The fact that our bill decreased really made me believe that this product works.  Even if our bill went down for even less than $100, I would still be pretty pleased.  I decided to give this product a go for another couple of months until I renovate the house completely to run through solar power energy.

So when you hear about the Power4Home scam, there really is no such thing.  Of course products like these are all about building it so just make sure that you follow instructions so that you will have an effective solar power system.  Being able to save on electricity bills is a great feeling and and even better feeling is being able to contribute in helping the environment.

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Questrade Discount Brokerage Review

This product is only being offered to Canadians so we couldn’t sign up.  However, after we received a request to review this site, we searched for a knowledgeable user, Jonas from Vancouver, who was able to give us useful information on this site. Hope this helps!

Trading and investing stocks is something that I do on the side.  Rather than making trades through big banks, I prefer to use online brokerage firms as I feel like I have more control of what I invest and I can also keep a close watch on my money.  However, being a Canadian, my choices for sites that offer cheap trades are limited as they are usually offered only to those residing in the U.S.  Because of this, I was stuck paying high amounts for every trade, which I felt was making me lose money.  So I was really pleased when I came across Questrade and discovered their discount brokerage rates, which was what enticed me to open an account with them.

Trading With Questrade

It has almost been a year since the day that I opened an account with Questrade and I have been quite pleased with the results.  Of course, I have to be smart enough not to leave all my eggs in one basket so I still kept one of my other past accounts in another broker site just to be safe.  But with the low rates that this site offers, you can probably say that I use this one the most making it my favorite.  The fact that they offer the best commission rates amongst all the Canadian online broker sites I have tried, keeps me very satisfied.

No Fees

Other than receiving great commission rates, I didn’t have to pay any fee at all to open an account or to maintain it either, which was a pleasant  surprise because all the other sites I have joined in the past were full of all sorts of fees!  At first though I was a bit worried because the first thinking is that when things are cheap, you can expect bad quality or bad service.  That wasn’t the case with Questrade because anytime I had a question or had any difficulty with anything, I had three options to contact them through online live chat, email, or even by calling toll-free.  It is so easy to reach them and the customer-service people were always more than happy to help.

Great Low Rates

To give you an idea of just how low their rates are, stock trades are only 1 cent per share with a minimum of $4.95 per trade and doesn’t go over $9.95.  Also, I have a choice to trade in Canadian dollars or U.S dollars with U.S stocks.  Plus my options of making money through investments are just endless with the site offering mutual funds and other trading and investing options.

Questrade Review

Even if I am just trading on the side, I obviously still want to earn a lot from it and Questrade has helped me achieve that.  Those things I previously heard about this site being a scam is untrue.  From all the years I have been trading, the most I have made was with this site.  If you are like me who enjoys trading, investing, and earning money, then this is one online brokerage site to consider.  Besides, signing up is so easy and as I said, there are no fees whatsoever.


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Save My Marriage Today – How to Live Happily Ever After

Whitney P. from Houston, Texas shares how she is now living a happy marriage with the help of “Save My Marriage Today.”

Being married isn’t easy and I believe a lot of time and effort has to be put in to make it work.  But of course, most women like me don’t realize this until we are actually in the marriage.  Before hand, we are obsessed with finding prince charming and living happily ever after, which isn’t always the case.  I know no one is perfect, but when you are living with someone like how I live with my husband, these imperfections will drive you nuts.  Even if they are simply little things like not doing things I ask, it really annoys me.  I’m sure the same goes for my husband as well.

Is Divorce the Right Solution?

I didn’t want to be in a marriage wherein my husband and I hated each other, which is why i knew I had to seek help immediately to save my marriage.  I knew that having a divorce wasn’t the solution for me, especially since we committed ourselves to each other the day we got married.  So I suggested to my husband that we go see a couple’s counselor to help us understand each other better and live a happy life together.  I figured that this was the best way to keep our marriage alive and allow us to accept each other’s differences.

Forget Couples Counseling

After several weeks of visiting a couple’s therapist, I felt no change in our situation.  The only thing different was we had spent a lot of money on this shrink that did nothing for us.  I was really determined to make things right with my husband and I so I decided what better place to look but the Internet?  True enough there were several sites that promised to help save any marriage so I carefully checked the different reviews to know the experiences of others on which ones actually worked.

Save My Marriage Today

One that had the most positive reviews was the Save My Marriage Today mini-online course.  I figured, I should try it out especially since it cost a lot less than the amounts of money we have spent on couples therapy.  As soon as I started the course, I discovered everything to do with saving my marriage, how to make it last, what to do when the love is gone, and what to do when you are growing apart from each other.  Basically everything my husband and I needed was right here in this online course.  We could have saved hundreds of dollars and lived happy together if we just found this sooner.

Living Happily Ever After

I have to say that my husband and I are doing a lot better today.  After doing that online course and following instructions, I was able to save my marriage.  My husband and I have continued to keep the love alive and have even gone on amazing romantic vacations.  It’s like we have been going on our honeymoon over and over again.  Like I said, divorce isn’t always the answer.  If you married your husband then you must love him and all you need is to find that love again, I’m glad I did.


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Men Made Easy – Learn the Truth About Men

Gwen C. from Providence, Rhode Island sent us this review on the “Men Made Easy” eBook.

I learned the hard way that just because you are married, it doesn’t mean that you will be living happily ever after forever.  When I found out that my husband was cheating on me, I was devastated.  I really thought we had the perfect relationship but I guess it wasn’t what I thought it was after all.  Despite the fact that my husband cheated on me, I was ready to forgive him just to let our marriage work but of course, it also depended on what he wanted.  I just wanted him to be head over heels for me again and I had no idea how to make that happen.

What Went Wrong

Of course I was going crazy trying to figure out what exactly went wrong in our marriage and what I did to cause my husband to cheat on me.  Was I letting go of myself and looking unattractive to him?  Was I not desirable anymore?  Is it because I gained weight? I really felt awful and at a loss at what I should do to save my marriage.  I suppose I shouldn’t have felt so comfortable and allowed myself to let go.  After all, I should have looked my best all the time to keep my husband running after me forever.  But then I came across Kara Oh’s site and discovered that my husband cheating on me wasn’t my fault at all and that being beautiful has nothing to do with winning a man’s love.

Saving My Marriage

I decided that coming across this site was a wake up call and was the answer to saving my marriage.  I purchased Kara’s book called “Men Made Easy,” and started my mission.  It was pretty easy to read and the instructions were easy to follow.  I was able to discover how to get my husband to fall in love with me again and that if I played my cards right, I could get anything I wanted.

Learn the Truth About Men

There are actually some things that I have been doing that I never knew made my husband lose interest in me.  With this guide, I am now able to avoid those things and find out how I could have power over my husband without even him knowing.  It wasn’t easy at first, but slowly my husband and I started talking again and re-building our relationship.  I have gotten to understand him better and am making sure that he will only have eyes for me forever.

My Marriage Saved

I have to say that coming across this book was what took me out of my devastation.  Who knew that I could actually save my marriage?  I believe that my husband and I are now in a truly loving relationship and we are communicating a lot better than we have ever been.  He has apologized for his past mistakes and can’t keep his hands off me.  I must say understanding men isn’t easy, but this guide will surely help you out and save you a lot of sadness, it sure has helped me.


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Penny Stock Prophet Review – Invest With No Risks

Reviewed by: Jack (Staff Reviewer)                 Rating:
This product really helped me out so I am here to write a Penny Stock Prophet review to give other consumers the opportunity to get information on the reliability of this product.  I wanted to be a millionaire and I am sure so do many of you but I wanted to get there the easiest possible way. A lot of people fall into scams, which has actually happened to me in the past so when I came across something that really worked out for me, I wanted to share it with others.  If you want to know if there is any truth to the money you’ll earn by becoming a member to this site, find out from my experience if it is really worth your time.
Security or Risk?

As you all know, there are some investments that can pose as more of a risk than others.  This is especially the case when it comes to the stock market because it is difficult to really predict when the stocks will go up or down.  Now the Penny Stock Prophet claims that it can help you avoid these risks with following its strategies.  After being scammed several times, I was hesitant to join this site.  But seeing as I was desperate to be a millionaire and knew there had to be an easy way, I visited their site and became a member.

Concept of Penny Stock Prophet

After becoming a member of this site, I found out that the concept of this strategy is quite simple really.  I received emails everyday about recent penny stock picks and their results so I am able to see the predicted best stocks of the day as well as pointers on which stocks to buy and sell.  When it came to buying stocks, it informed me of the highest amount I should pay but of course the lower the cost of the stock, the better.  When it came to selling stocks, the email indicated the lowest value you should sell the stock for.  Of course the higher I expected to get for the stock, the higher the risk so it was up to me if I wanted to play it safe or if I was willing to take risks.

Expectations from the Prophet

Playing with stocks can be a big thing and it is always wise to know about it before getting into it.  Also earning money is all about knowing what risk to take and what not to go for.  Since I already had a registered trading account, I decided to pick a couple of stocks with the use of this system.  From the daily emails I received as a member of the site, I chose about 6 of the best stocks and invested $4,500 in total.

Seeing Results

I waited for a couple of weeks to see a change in the stocks.  After just 3 weeks, my total investment of $4,500 increased to $6,700, about 50%.  Now it was up to me to sell the stocks at the recommended price or take more of a risk by waiting to see if it increases some more.  I wanted to play it safe so I sold half of my shares for a decent profit, which I was definitely satisfied with.

If investing in stocks is something you do, or have been thinking about doing, then I suggest that you try and grab a membership slot at this site.  It will help you earn money and make you feel more secure about earning especially when you get information on the best stocks as well as tips on how to buy and sell.  It has certainly helped me a lot.

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Earth 4 Energy Review – Make Your Own Solar Panels

This review was sent to us by Marcus M. from Mobile, Alabama after utilizing Earth 4 Energy to make his own solar panels at home.

With all the different electrical equipment we have at home, from kitchen appliances, television sets, computers, lights, and air-conditioning, our electricity bill every month just became ridiculous.  My wife and I tried everything possible to conserve electricity to try and lessen our monthly bill, but no matter what we did, it never seemed to decrease.  Of course we weren’t just going to accept that there isn’t a way to lessen our electricity expenses so we both did our research on how we could solve this problem.

Solar Energy

Doing research led us to discover that a way to cut down on electricity costs is to use solar power.  We were thrilled because not only was this going to lessen our costs with solar energy, it was also great for the environment.  However, we go too excited too soon.  To use solar energy we needed to have solar panels installed in our home and as we were canvassing for prices, we discovered that these panels are very costly ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.  It just cost too much especially since we didn’t have that kind of money to spare.

Make Your Own Solar Panels

Certainly I wasn’t going to give up that easy, I knew that there had to be a way to solve this problem of ours so I did more research.  This is when I came across the Earth 4 Energy site and found out that I could make my own solar panels for a lot less than purchasing it from a company.  Basically this site offers step-by-step instruction on how to make solar panels with only spending a few hundred in comparison to thousands.  I was desperate to lower our electricity bill so I decided to give this site a shot.

Earth 4 Energy

Even if I am the man of the house, I never really had much experience in building things on my own so I was a bit scared with how these panels would turn out.  But to my surprise it was actually a simple task.  It took me a couple of days to complete it but I am quite impressed with my work.  I followed the steps exactly, which were easy enough to understand that even my wife could have made the panels herself.  The best part is that it looks like a professional installed it, little do my neighbors know that these panels only cost me $200!

Saving Power

I am so happy that I came across this site.  For those who are unsure about building their own solar panels, I have to tell you that it is the best decision you will ever make and one things for sure, there is no such thing as an Earth 4 Energy scam because it certainly helped me.  My wife and I now don’t have to worry about electricity bills and if we decide to sell our home in the future, its value has just increased by a lot because of the handy panels I installed.  How great is that?


UPDATE: Phil, a grateful viewer sent us this video with his take on the review and the product!

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Detox Foot Pad

Reviewed by: Kate (Staff Reviewer) Rating:
Since detox foot pads are becoming quite popular these days, many have been asking us to review this product.  This is because there is a bit of uncertainty if these really work in eliminating toxins or not.  To set things straight once and for all, I went ahead and tried out these detox pads for a week.  Find out my experience with this product through this review.

I was pretty excited to try out using a detox foot pad because of all the health benefits it promises, plus it really seemed like an easy way to cleanse.  Before making my purchase, I did some research first to find out how many patches I would need.  I discovered that five days of detox with using the patches every night is enough to see results.  So I went and ordered myself a box each of various brands online such as Suresafe and Mudoku just to try them out and see if there was any difference between the two.  Each packet came with 20 patches, which is enough for 10 days of detoxification.

How it Works

When I received the packets through the mail, I instantly made comparisons and discovered that both brands consist of the same ingredients, which basically means that regardless of what I use, it should both work the same.  I read the instructions, which indicates that these patches need to be attached to the bottom of the feet right before going to bed.  It really seemed so easy, which made me doubt its effectiveness, yet I can’t be too quick to judge until I’ve completed the whole trial.  So I began sampling the product and used it for five straight nights in a row.

Trial Period

The following morning after the first night, I removed the patches and noticed that it turned a really dark color.  I never really thought I had toxins in in my system but apparently, the darker the patches, the more toxins I had in my body so I decided that maybe I do need to detox. When I removed them on the second morning, it was still pretty dark but not as dark as the previous day.  As I continued to use the patches, the discoloration lightened, which supposedly indicates that the toxins in my body were practically gone.  When it got down to the last morning, there were only hints of discoloration, which I suppose means I was toxin free.


Of course I couldn’t really depend on just what I was seeing, I also had to determine how I was feeling.  I have to say that after five days of using these patches, I feel like I have more energy then ever before, plus I have been sleeping a lot better without waking up in the middle of the night.  Also, any aches that I have had on my back and legs are practically gone.  I figured if I wanted to continue feeling this way then I would have to use these patches regularly, at least once a month for five days at a time.  It really wasn’t a problem seeing as it is so easy to use.


I suppose things work differently on anyone, but if you want a convenient and quick way to get rid of toxins from your body, using a detox foot pad is greatly recommended from my experience.  Regardless of what brand you use, simply check if they contain the same ingredients and it should all work the same.  Find a brand you are happy with, such as Suresafe or others, and start detoxifying your body to maintain overall health.

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