Fat Loss 4 Idiots – Lose 9 Pounds in 11 Days

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Not all weight loss programs are easy to follow, and more importantly not all are effective in getting rid of fat permanently.  However with the many weight loss options available, a lot of people struggling with their weight are still in search of the perfect way to get rid of fat easily, effectively, and permanently.  So when I came across the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan that promises a 9-pound weight loss every 11 days, I decided to try it out.  It seemed harmless enough and may actually be the solution that many have been searching for.

Diet Plan

What caught my attention with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan is that it seemed easy enough to follow for anyone, even those who have no experience in weight loss.  I figured that this is exactly what I needed because I will be able to feel more confident that I am doing the right thing when it is taught to me like I’m a dummy.  So I got started and downloaded this diet system, which claims to transform those who are seriously overweight to being thin.  I just hoped that this really was the case because I didn’t want to be left disappointed after taking time to try it out.

Why I Am Overweight

So I started go through the system and I discovered that I was overweight for reasons that didn’t even occur to me before.  All along it was for the reason that I was eating the wrong foods, consuming the wrong amounts of calories, and had the wrong eating pattern.  Apparently everything to do with the food I was eating played a role in why I wasn’t losing weight.  So with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet plan, I followed exactly how to change what I was consuming and turn it to helping me burn fat.  All this time I was thinking that food is the enemy when I just didn’t know how to use it to my advantage.

How to Lose 9 Pounds in 11 Days?

So how was I going to lose the 9 pounds in 11 days?  All by changing my current diet to the one suggested in this system so that my fat burning hormones will be manipulated.  Aside from manipulating those hormones with certain foods, another way I will be losing weight with this diet system is with the use of another one of their techniques, which is calorie shifting.  So I had the task of consuming a range of calories daily to confuse my metabolism resulting in a faster weight loss.  Although I wasn’t sure about the science of it all, I stuck to the diet and waited for the outcome.

The Outcome

Ok so I didn’t exactly lose 9 pounds after 11 days…I lost more like 8.  Well, I did sort of cheat a little bit with a small chocolate bar a few days back, but the fact that I still lost 8 pounds does mean that this diet plan works!  The 8 pounds was my first step to getting in shape but I still need to lose some more.  Hope that this Fat Loss 4 Idiots review helps you because it is certainly something I recommend to overweight people as I continue using this diet system in my quest to lose another 9 pounds in the next 11 days.  I’m sure in a month I will be able to shop for new and exciting clothes, which I’m excited for!

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