My Shed Plans Review – Building a Shed

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Building a Shed

Doing small woodwork projects has always been a hobby of mine that I try to accomplish during my spare time.  Recently though I have been quite lazy to work on these small projects because it takes me forever to get them done.  But then lately, my wife has been bugging me about building a shed at the back of our home for extra storage so I had no choice but to get to it.  Although I did small woodwork projects in the past, I have never done big projects like building a shed before so I had no idea where to begin and what particular design to use.  Of course, I used the trusty Internet and searched online for ideas and came across the My Shed Plans guide.

My Shed Plans

This guide caught my attention because it claims to reveal easy step-by-step ways to building a shed and it comes along with over 12,000 shed plans that I could choose from.  Also, what really got me actually was it had woodworking patterns as well that I could consider as projects to do in my spare time.  I got excited because it seemed to be an all-in-one guide to everything to do with woodwork.  But of course, I can’t really say for sure if it was worth it until I am able to try it out with using its plans to build a shed in my backyard.


Over the years, the thing I discovered with doing do-it-yourself projects is that i can actually become quite costly especially since mistakes can happen and more supplies need to be purchased.  This is why before I build anything I always try to find a guide that can really help in making minimal errors so that I can achieve the work I wanted without high costs.  Just getting the measurements wrong can ruin the whole project, which means I’ll have to start from scratch.  This is definitely something I would want to avoid.

Step-By-Step Guide

So with the help of My Shed Plans, I picked a plan to use, purchased all the materials needed, and followed the step-by-step instructions.   The best part was, I didn’t even have to think, all I needed to do was follow the steps, which were very easy to follow.  When I finished, I was so eager to show the shed to my wife, and when she saw it, she couldn’t believe that I did it!  She thought it was the work of a professional and even got mad for a bit thinking that I spent a lot of money hiring people to build it.  But it was all me and I’m glad she was pleased with the outcome.  This My Shed Plans review is a positive one because I greatly recommend this product.  Building the shed was just my warm up project.  With all the plans I have a copy of, I will have a lot of woodwork projects to keep busy with.  Who knows, in time I may even be able to build an entire house!

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