Save My Marriage Today – How to Live Happily Ever After

Whitney P. from Houston, Texas shares how she is now living a happy marriage with the help of “Save My Marriage Today.”

Being married isn’t easy and I believe a lot of time and effort has to be put in to make it work.  But of course, most women like me don’t realize this until we are actually in the marriage.  Before hand, we are obsessed with finding prince charming and living happily ever after, which isn’t always the case.  I know no one is perfect, but when you are living with someone like how I live with my husband, these imperfections will drive you nuts.  Even if they are simply little things like not doing things I ask, it really annoys me.  I’m sure the same goes for my husband as well.

Is Divorce the Right Solution?

I didn’t want to be in a marriage wherein my husband and I hated each other, which is why i knew I had to seek help immediately to save my marriage.  I knew that having a divorce wasn’t the solution for me, especially since we committed ourselves to each other the day we got married.  So I suggested to my husband that we go see a couple’s counselor to help us understand each other better and live a happy life together.  I figured that this was the best way to keep our marriage alive and allow us to accept each other’s differences.

Forget Couples Counseling

After several weeks of visiting a couple’s therapist, I felt no change in our situation.  The only thing different was we had spent a lot of money on this shrink that did nothing for us.  I was really determined to make things right with my husband and I so I decided what better place to look but the Internet?  True enough there were several sites that promised to help save any marriage so I carefully checked the different reviews to know the experiences of others on which ones actually worked.

Save My Marriage Today

One that had the most positive reviews was the Save My Marriage Today mini-online course.  I figured, I should try it out especially since it cost a lot less than the amounts of money we have spent on couples therapy.  As soon as I started the course, I discovered everything to do with saving my marriage, how to make it last, what to do when the love is gone, and what to do when you are growing apart from each other.  Basically everything my husband and I needed was right here in this online course.  We could have saved hundreds of dollars and lived happy together if we just found this sooner.

Living Happily Ever After

I have to say that my husband and I are doing a lot better today.  After doing that online course and following instructions, I was able to save my marriage.  My husband and I have continued to keep the love alive and have even gone on amazing romantic vacations.  It’s like we have been going on our honeymoon over and over again.  Like I said, divorce isn’t always the answer.  If you married your husband then you must love him and all you need is to find that love again, I’m glad I did.


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