Silver Lotto System Review – Is it Really a Fool Proof Lotto System?

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I am here to give you the real deal on one of the systems that offers easy money by doing a Silver Lotto System review.  Everyone is so eager to make a lot of money without much work but they fail to get the truth on if these systems actually work or not resulting in a loss of money rather than a gain.  To prevent this from happening, I am here to get you the real facts on this lotto system and if it is something that is actually worth your time and money.

Full Proof Lotto System?

Upon visiting the Silver Lotto site, I discovered that this system was created by Ken Silver, who has shared this system of his since 1991.  He claims he has won millions with his system and that this is the lotto winning solution that works.  Well, like all products of course I won’t believe it until I have actually experienced results first hand.  So I went ahead and purchased the system to begin to see the selection of numbers the system will suggest that I use when making my bet in the lotto.

Filling Out Lotto Tickets

There are several lotto games that one can join and the system can be used for almost all except two, which are the ones to do with the 90 number games as the system currently only accepts up to 69 numbers.  So of course I was overwhelmed on which ones I should join but decided to go for the Powerball games.  When doing research on these products, it is automatic that we reviewers normally expect for the worst because most of them just sound ridiculous, which is why when I won $300 on my bet I was shocked (in a good way) that I actually won.  Sure it wasn’t such a big amount, but that’s because I didn’t bet so high, but the fact that I won was actually a start.

Winning the Lotto

I didn’t stop at that one win.  I continued to place bets on games for several weeks and started increasing my bets as well.  I have to say, out of the 10 weeks I played, I only lost once.  I averaged about $1,500 a week with the rate I was going and I have to say that isn’t bad at all for not doing any work.  Sure I was shocked at the effectiveness of this product, but I am pleased that it actually delivered the results that it promised.  It claims to have a 98% win rate, which from my research and experience seems to be quite true.

No one should depend their livelihood on making bets in the lotto but it sure is a great way to earn extra cash and who knows it may even make you a millionaire.  One thing I discovered is that with the help of this system, I now have a better chance of becoming a millionaire just like many of you out there who decide to use this system.  How I see it is when you don’t expect, you get a lot more than you ever imagined.

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